Unless You Grew Up in the 90s, You’ll FAIL This Music Quiz.

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    Which of these songs by Nirvana?

    Smells Like Teen Spirit
    • “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
    • “Alive”
    • “1979”
    • “Give It Away”
  • Question of

    This is how ________, fill in the blank.

    • “we do it”
    • “it is”
    • “the world turns”
    • “the party goes”
  • Question of

    Name This Band

    • AC/DC
    • Metallica
    • Bon Jovi
    • Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Question of

    Which Of These Songs Is By Boyz II Men?

    • “End of the Road”
    • “Poison”
    • “Casanova”
    • “Every Little Step”
  • Question of

    Bell Biv Devoe Contains Members From Which Group?

    • New Edition
    • New Kids on the Block
    • NSYNC
    • Backstreet Boys
  • Question of

    Which Of These Songs Is By The Beastie Boys?

    • “Sabotage”
    • “California Love”
    • “Pharcyde”
    • “Forgot About Dre”
  • Question of

    Was Tupac Part Of N.W.A.?

    • No
    • Yes
  • Question of

    Name This Artist

    • Prince
    • Michael Jackson
    • Gerald Levert
    • Nick Carter
  • Question of

    Who Is The Singer Of Oasis?

    • Liam Gallagher
    • Anthony Kiedis
    • Billy Corgan
    • Chris Cornell
  • Question of

    Which Label Was Run By Diddy?

    Cash Money
    • Bad Boy
    • Epic
    • Aftermath
    • Cash Money
  • Question of

    Name This Artist

    Vanilla Ice
    • Vanilla Ice
    • Snow
    • MC Serch
    • Eminem
  • Question of

    Who Is The Lead Singer Of Radiohead?

    Thom Yorke
    • Thom Yorke
    • Kurt Cobain
    • Eddie Vedder
    • Liam Gallagher

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